In your works I have often seen, particularly in the eyes, a quiet, even never-spoken of longing, a search, a quest, to accurately perceive, discern and meekly receive, within, as one left with no remaining alternative, an external visitation, an impartation, a help, an enveloping beauty of some total, sacrificial spiritual kind of saving, from someone able, another, not one of us, not entirely, yet still us, completely, far more perfect than you could conceive, an outreach, an outstretch, a reply, that includes an irrepressibly sustained, gradual, ever steady, never retreating, redeeming fabrication of that part which firstly matters, which truly matters - the invisible spiritual vessel adrift, but reveals as well an additional concern, and, so that his patient, pure, loving, humble, servant posture towards her is truly encompassing, and so as to gather up everything strewn and scattered, a restoring, a re-beautifying of her mortal physical vessel too, which though, for now, must return to the original dust, once first drawn up to sculpt, marrying powder with liquid, giving a spirit form, yet she will in the end escape that impending corruption, that engulfing chokehold, that inescapable woe of death, and be restored utterly, forever, in an eternal, ever-new life, with darkness discarded, and in unrelenting, realized, immortal hope only, to a glorified, incorruptible, unimaginably magnificent form far outshining even the most  gorgeous icon in the original earthly pattern could ever venture to generate from mere soil.

Now you paint the physical vessel but discernable and attempting to radiate through your sweep of brush and color, is the occupying spiritual vessel, especially and frequently evident in and focused through ineffable eyes.

Ashton James Gardner

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